About the Community Support Program. category

Welcome to the Max2D Community Support Program
This platform designed to recognize and celebrate the outstanding work of our members in supporting others on Discuss.max2d.app. Additionally, the program aims to provide guidance and support to individuals interested in expanding their Max2D knowledge and assisting others.

The program operates on a points-based system, where participants earn points by actively engaging in the community. The program features a series of “cheers” and badges that represent various areas of Max2D expertise. As members provide assistance and advice on the platform, they can accumulate points, leading to the potential to earn badges.

Users’ cheer scores are visible on their profile and user card, and a leaderboard is available to track the most significant contributors on the platform. You can check out the current leaderboard at Max2D.

We hope that you find the Max2D Community Support Program both informative and engaging. Thank you for your participation!

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