Biggest limiting factors

No sprite sheet support. Poor animation support

Handling animation by adding a node for 2… 4… and 6 direction movement

Allowing you to have a sheets of sprites

Y sorting layers instead of the priority system

Another issue is no support for auto screen fitting. Obviously the engine can get the information needed for this as manually you can add this to a game but it is difficult and clunky.

Better nodes for ai management. I.e. move to location… instead of linear interpolation being used. Or timers and velocity

Better export support. If a game can’t be fixed in a short ammount of time people just won’t want to use the engine.


first, screen fits existed.
second 4 direction is possible.

Here’s proof 4 direction is possible:

also some screen shots

I said its possible… and ive made games using it

I said it is difficult and clunky. Causes frame rate drops for what is a very basic and important function…

My point is having nodes that call and handle the code would be far better. Also the oyher stuff i said

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oh you’re using joystick;-; btw joystick can drop your fps (somehow) so i recommended to use a button instead.