Continue and newgame main menu

Hey guys! Im 14 and i dont knwo how to make a Continue and a new game menu ? Please help me!!!
I cant start a game without a Main menu!


You can create a game scene for the menu. There you place the buttons and program each one to direct you to different places when you click them. For example, a “settings” button direct you to the settings page/scene and the “Play” button can lead you to the scene where the game starts. This is the basic, but there are so many ways to do this, i recommend you to watch some tutorials or take a look at menus of some games you like and think about how your game menu should be like.
For the “new game” and “continue” thing, i think the ideal is to lead the player to the start of the game with every status at the basic when they click “new game” and save their status when they leave the game or something (there can be a save point or a “save game” button in the gameplay too). And then you load these status (like “life”, “xp amount”, “level”, “items”, etc) when they click “continue”. I think the “save/load state” function do this, but i don’t really know how to use it, so it’s better to watch some tutorials about this.
This reply became long lol :sweat_smile: