Curiosities about "The Pew" • Part 1

Even though my game is in progress, I’m glad to share with you some interesting aspects about it… Hope you enjoy! :see_no_evil:

    In the Demo version, “The Pew” has only one game mode: the Normal Mode. However, the original idea is to add two new extra modes. These are:
  • TIME TRIAL MODE: This mode presents a new consumable, new and powerful enemies and an interesting mechanic related to the player’s score. You’ll have to hurry up while you evade the attacks of deadly enemies.

  • CHAOS MODE: This mode is a real bullet hell! :smiling_imp: There are some new enemies and the difficulty of old ones will be increased. I really hope you’ll be prepared to the Lands of Chaos…

    Within my game you must gain score to reach specific Ranks and Divisions. The idea of this is to win a ??? (censored due to spoilers hehe) and, finally, get access to the true ending of my game…

Well… This is all for now, but maybe later I’ll post something else. Now, tell me what you think about these aspects… Do you think it’ll be good to add them? I read you :heart::hugs:


yuh nice game i love the sprites it’s fit the game and i think the way on how you make the game is also good, this also remind me of my dream making game like this (back then) but no, I’m not longer wanted to and now i focus on a like random stuff or updating settled. well keep the good work

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