Max2D Editor Top Bar Documentation

Let’s take a closer look at the Max2D editor TopBar and its functions, simplified for beginners:

  1. “Projects” Button: Clicking here takes you to your project section, where you can manage and create new projects.
  2. “Project Settings” Button: Opens a window where you can adjust settings for your project, like screen orientation and image quality.
  3. “Toggle Grip Adjustment Speed” Button: Turn this on to easily move objects without snapping or constraints.
  4. “Backup Projects” Button: Create backups of your projects. Note that it may cost coins.
  5. “Tutorial” Button: Access official Max2D tutorials from YouTube to learn the basics.
  6. “Toggle Screen Orientation” Button: Switch between landscape and portrait modes for your game.
  7. “Buy Premium Features” Button: Purchase premium features, such as removing ads or unlocking the splash screen, using coins.
  8. “Undo” Button: Cancel your last action and go back to a previous state.
  9. “Redo” Button: Revert an undone action and restore changes.
  10. “Save” Button: Save your project to avoid losing progress.
  11. “Scenes Menu” Button: Manage scenes, create new ones, rename, or delete existing scenes.
  12. “Load Sprites and Sounds” Button: Import graphics, sounds, create text objects, or empty objects.
  13. “Start Project” Button: Begin playing and testing your game.
  14. “Debugging Mode” Button: Activate debugging mode to see FPS, variables, and hitboxes for debugging purposes.
  15. “Open Script Editor” Button: Access the script editor to write custom code and add advanced functionality to your game.

By understanding these simplified functions of the Max2D editor TopBar, beginners can navigate and utilize the features more easily as they start creating their games.

This documentation was made possible with the contributions from the following individuals:

  1. Mister Hat
  1. Alfiansyah
  1. Leandro
  1. Prixx
  1. Haru-Kun

We would like to express our gratitude to these contributors for their valuable input and assistance in creating this documentation. Their contributions have helped make it a comprehensive and user-friendly resource for beginners.


Great job on this! Documentation is lacking.

Fwiw, I would call #3 “snap to grid - on/off”, or “snap to grid toggle”. It’s not adjusting the speed of anything. Just restraining game object movement to snap to the grid size set in the project settings, which helps with alignment.

Just my opinion.

Kudos for raising that point! Brace yourself, We’ve got some exciting news for you—more documentation is on its way! Stay tuned.

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