Max2D's March Game Jam! (Ended)

Welcome to Max2D March Game Jam! With OXON! [Ended]

Winners of this game jam are:
1st Winner: Pluto (GI) by nanti
2nd Winner : Slime Jumb by Polarhawk.

Theme for this Game Jam! : “One-button gameplay”

Develop a game where players only need to tap or press a single button to play.

To submit your game, you can publish it on Max2D Playground and complete this form {Submit Here}

**. Our judges will then evaluate your game.

Last date for submission : Anyone can submit their entries before 12 PM UTC on March 31st.

Our judges will be

  1. Liam
  2. OXON
  3. Thelastcube

We are looking for games that specifically meet the following criteria:

Does pressing a screen count as a button?
Yes, tapping on a screen can count as a button, so long as tapping the screen accomplishes the same thing no matter where you tap on the screen.

Can the game require press and hold?
Yes, your game can have press and hold feature.

Can the design utilize the joystick as well as one button?
Answer: No, everything the player needs to do should be able to be accomplished with a single switch or button.

Can the design use a double-tap feature?
Yes, As long a you double tap enables one feature like double tap to spin backwards.

Here are some examples of One-button gameplay Games made in Max2D (Search inside Max2D to play )

1. Circle of Death
2. Color Click
3. Tap!

Winner Gets
1st Prize 2 Months Nitro + 100 Coins ( Sponsored by Oxon )
2nd Prize 1 Month Nitro + 50 Coins

What is Game Jam?

Game Jam is challenging folks to build a game based on a theme within a given time.

How to participate

  1. Create a game based on the theme in Max2D.
  2. Publish the Game to playground.
  3. Enter your details in the shared form! (Will share here)
  4. Our Judges will evaluate every game and winners will be chosen.

More details coming soon

Help—I’ve never created a game before!

There’s never been an easier (or more exciting!) time to make games. Learn the basic and join ASAP

Help—I’ve never published a game in Playground inside Max2D

Don’t worry check out this guide on How to publish your game to the world : Here


yayy lets gooooo i will also join


COOOOOOL!!!, i will try my best :heart:


cannot wait :smirk_cat:. input laugh sound here


Cool! Just finnished my game!
Probably not gonna win though

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Cool , I wanna take part

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Im joining i hope i win

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maybe i join. Maybe because I have some Works.