Settled news! -xeterguyt

This week settled 0.14 will released! (part1)
just wait for a like 4-7 more days!
when the new version released, i will give anyone who play in that version a special truck skin! (it will not available in the part 2 of the update)


Congratulations, @xeterguyt, on creating the first post! Your game looks impressive. Would you be willing to share your story about how you developed it? Your journey and experiences could be an inspiration to others in the game development community.

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yes of course! I’d like to share how my progression on the game by posting some leaks!

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Can’t wait to see them! and I’m definitely checking out settled :wink:

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omg!!!, i promised 0.14 will be much greater than the updates i ever released!

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wow this is super cool looking game i will be trying it soon :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :grin:

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Congratulations :)), also i love your game and the style too

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___Nice to hear that :cowboy_hat_face:.

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yuh guys! here’s my footage of completing chapter 7 (the next hardest chapter in settled)

this chapter didn’t get decorated yet ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Hi guys, sorry settled can’t be updated to the playground, soo what will i do is to compress some soundtrack soo the file size will be reduced.

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Hello fellow users!

What a great day! i would like to give you a chance to create your own enemy/monster for settled 0.14 part 2

Would you like to participate?

If yes, then fill these;

Describe it:
Health: (max:1000)
Speed: Really slow/Slow/normal/medium/Fast/Really fast
Ability: (optional)
Hidden: Y/N
Sprite: your own sprite

Please note that:
1.No OP ability (or similar to hard bosses)
2.This is for ingame secret/event enemy (but not boss)
3.You will get awarded with some codes in the future update and your name will be posted on the graveyard as credits! (next update map/chapter, specifically 0.15)
4.Please includes the description and sprite or else i will be confused how to make it, also sprite must be 32x32 or 64x64 or 128x128.

Thank you!

Don’t dm me, instead post your submission to > #:books:・suggestions

The discord server:xeterguyt studio

Your time is a week !