Settled - your own monsters

Hello fellow users!

What a great day! i would like to give you a chance to create your own enemy/monster for settled 0.14 part 2

Would you like to participate?

If yes, then fill these;

Describe it:
Health: (max:1000)
Speed: Really slow/Slow/normal/medium/Fast/Really fast
Ability: (optional)
Hidden: Y/N
Sprite: your own sprite

Please note that:
1.No OP ability (or similar to hard bosses)
2.This is for ingame secret/event enemy (but not boss)
3.You will get awarded with some codes in the future update and your name will be posted on the graveyard as credits! (next update map/chapter, specifically 0.15)
4.Please includes the description and sprite or else i will be confused how to make it, also sprite must be 32x32 or 64x64 or 128x128.

Thank you!

Don’t dm me, instead post your submission to > #:books:・suggestions

The discord server:xeterguyt studio

Your time is a week !

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also i will reward you with a special role in the discord server which is not available yet