The Story of "The Pew"

Hello everyone! :hugs: I’m going to start this post saying that making games is not easy, but “not easy” doesn’t mean “imposible”. I can say by experience that finishing a game after months - or even years - is one of the best feelings a game developer can feel. That’s why I want to tell you what making my game - “The Pew” - has involved, and help you to understand and accept mistakes as an important part of a game developer’s process.

Everything started some months ago, when I had the idea of creating a simple, minimalistic space shooter game. I created the sprites, each enemy’s behaviour, and so on. But, unfortunately, once it was ready, something went wrong and my cell phone crashed. This problem made my game also crashed, and this had no solution :smiling_face_with_tear:

Even though the idea of recreating my game again was horrible, I decided to take that problem as an opportunity to make it better and bigger. So I started making more sprites and adding more different scenes and stuff.

In the end, one problem became an excellent “friend”. It helped me to improve my game and, of course, learn a lot of new things regarding game development. That’s why I say that making games is not easy: problems are everywhere and they can appear whenever, but even though you want to throw your mobile out of your window, try to think and take that opportunity as a way of improving not only your game features, but you as a game developer. Believe me! It’s worth to see that all your effort is giving its fruit… :hugs::heart:

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