ZOutLine Max2D Game Inspired on Left 4 Dead

ZOutLine is a Zombie game, Inspired By Left 4 Dead I Made a Zombie game, The current features are:
-Primary and secundary weapons (MK230 and the pistol which i forgot the name lol)
-Shove away (Thanks also to Axema Vales for helping me with that)
-Molotov Weapon

That’s pretty much of it For now, For the Future you could suggest things.
Say what you think about this, and also i’m planning at least adding a lore or a history behind it without just throwing you at a zombie game.

If you’re wondering, Yes, all the Sprites are mine, i made them in pixel studio.


⃢⃢⃢⃢⃢⃢⃢⃢⃢⃢⃢⃢⃢⃢⃢⃢axema is pro